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Throne of Barbarossa - WIP

Work in progress of a throne for my Barbarossa scene

The basic shape was inspired by the 2 only surviving thrones from the Early to High Medieval period in Germany:

The first one being the "Karlsthron" in Aachen, erected in the 790s by emperor Charlemagne.

From the coronation of Otto I. in 936 onwards this throne was used throughout the entire medieval period until 1531 for the coronation of the kings of Germany (and future emperors of the Holy Roman Empire).

The other one being the "Imperial Throne of Goslar"

This throne was was erected by the Salian dynasty in the late 11th century and used as the seat for the kings and emperors while residing at the imperial palace in Goslar.

The richly detailed ornaments inspired me to try something similar for Barbarossa's throne.

Unlike the Goslar throne this model will not be made from bronze but rather stone to fit with the more natural style of the cave the scene is supposed to be set in.

I'm using various popular decorations used during the 11th to 13th century like plant designs and various stylized animals.

As a symbol for the emperor I put the imperial eagle right in the middle of the back plate. Its first recorded use was on a coin during Barbarossa's reign and quickly became associated with his dynasty.

The depiction of the black eagle on golden field survived throughout the centuries and became the official heraldic symbol of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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